how did life get this odd like something’s lacking everyday. can I just have my aunt back and I’ll trade anything for that.

detail from Caravaggio’s Saint John in the Wilderness // 1604
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Shield of Henry II of France, France, ca. 1555.

The battle scene at the center is thought to depict the victory of Hannibal and the Carthaginians over the Romans in Cannae in 216 B.C., which here could be interpreted as an allusion to the struggle of France against the Holy Roman Empire during the sixteenth century. In the strapwork borders are the intertwined letters: H for Henry II (reigned 1547–59); C for Catherine de Médicis, his queen; and possibly also D for Diane de Poitiers, his mistress. Interspersed with the initials are crescents, the king’s personal badge and a reference to the moon goddess Diana and her namesake Diane de Poitiers.

Laura Marling
New Romantic

The library of Lord Byron, in his palazzo in Pisa, Italy.
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~   Edgar Allan Poe (via observando)
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I believe this quote/poem thingy is from the lovely and talented inkskinned who I absolutely admire like crazy for her gift of writing flawless things 😊 Im hoping to cut this out and make a patch from it ☺️ (p.s I know its shitty embroidery that was on purpose hehe)

this is unbelievably beautiful
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Shin ramyun [신라면] : Spicy instant noodle
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The Imperial brothers in 1864: Emperor Franz Joseph I, Archduke Maximilian (later Emperor of Mexico), Archduke Karl Ludwig and Archduke Ludwig Viktor. You can see clouds of smoke from Karl Ludwigs cigar.

~   10 word story #2 by E.K. (via eric-khach)


Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.

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~   James Joyce’s last words (via requiemforthepast)
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